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ESA FERIA DE ARTE 2016: Entradas, campaña de crowdfunding y ¡qué esperar!

Since you last heard from us, we have been working tirelessly on our ever-expanding programme for the 2016 iteration of the event, having received applications from over 165 artists from 20 countries! See what we’ve been up to…

Comunicado de prensa AA NL STORY TAF
18th February – 6th March 2016
ESA FERIA DE ARTE: Fresh Art from Africa!

Sitio Web:

VIP Preview Event: 17 de febrero 2016

Fechas: 18th February – 6th March 2016

Lugar: The Palms Center / 145 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock / Cape Town, South Africa

Veces: Monday – Thursday 11am to 6pm / Friday & Saturday 10am to 7pm / Sundays 10am to 5pm

Eventos: As per programme schedule on our website (TBA)


Precios de billetes:
Opening Preview VIP Event (limited tickets available): R 350.00
Tickets (Monday – Thursday): R 60.00 per person (under 14 free)
Tickets (Friday – Sunday): R 80.00 per person (under 14 free)
Bird Early Special: Less 20% until 31 January 2016!
THAT ART PARTY: R 120.00 per person (online) or R 140.00 per person (at the door)
ESE ENFOQUE DE PELÍCULA: R 50.00 per person (seating is limited)

Estudiantes: 20% discount on production of student ID
Grupos escolares: R10 per student and teacher for all pre-arranged groups. Please contact to book your school group.

THAT ARTFAIR early bird special NL
ESA FERIA DE ARTE was launched in February 2015. Now in its second year, ESA FERIA DE ARTE has geared up to present a very exciting 19-day line-up of work by artists from across the African continent and the diaspora.

ESA FERIA DE ARTE es una iniciativa de ARTE ÁFRICA magazine. Founded in reaction to the fact that many countries in Africa lack the formal structures of commercial art galleries where artists can exhibit their work and/ or be represented by galleries or dealers; ESA FERIA DE ARTE offers them such a platform. Emerging and established artists can showcase their work in a relaxed but professional environment, where they can meet directly with collectors, galleries and new audiences alike! The burgeoning contemporary African market is ripe for the picking and growing a young and invested collector base is our aim.
We have set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to assist the artists participating in the 2016 edition of the fair in transporting themselves and their work to Cape Town.
Show your support and find out more by having a look at our campaign on Indiegogo aquí!
Our call for participation elicited over 165 applications from artists and galleries from 21 countries, including Ghana; Mali; Senegal; Brazil; Ethiopia; Egypt; Cote d’Ivoire; Kenya; South Africa; Namibia; Angola; Mauritius and as far afield as Canada, Germany and Dubai!
Laura WindvogelLaura Windvogel, Logically these things never make sense. Theoretically I’m chilled practically… not so much, 2015. Watercolour and crayon on Fabriano, 113 x 81cm. Courtesy of the artist.

THAT ART FAIR presents:
  • Visual art and photography;
  • A comic art focus curated by Su Opperman and presented by ComicArteÁfrica
  • ESE ENFOQUE DE PELÍCULA: a week-long programme of curated film screenings; an African film collaboration with shnit International Shortfilmfestival Y Sunshine Cinema
  • Arte de performance
  • Videoarte
  • Fashion and Culture curated by SKATTIE
  • Urban art and live painting
  • Workshops and talks – a series of interesting and topical discussions
  • THAT ART PARTY: Set to take place on 19th February 2016 from 20h00 this is the “not to miss” event of the year! Last year’s (much talked about) party saw a line-up that featured a number of luminaries of the art and music world. Keep a watchful eye on our website for the release of our edgy and eclectic line-up for THAT ART PARTY 2016! See a video of last year’s party aquí.
Participating Galleries:
34 Bellas Artes (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
Afriart (Kampala, Uganda)
Galería de arte ARTCO (Aachen. Germany)
Art Lab (Luanda, Angola)
Candice Berman Bellas Artes (Johannesburgo, Sudáfrica)
Diedericks Faber Bellas Artes (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
ÉBANO (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
Diseño y Arte Ecléctica (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
Galería del primer piso (Harare, Zimbabwe)
Galería Mojo (Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos)
Salón Rojo (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
Galería de Impresión SA (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)
Worldart (Ciudad del Cabo, Sudáfrica)

Emo de Medeiros Kaleta Kaleta 2014. Courtesy of the artistEmo de Medeiros, Kaleta / Kaleta, 2014. Cortesía del artista.

Two of our Featured Artists include:

Emo de Medeiros: de Medeiros works between Benin and Paris. He will present work from his recent Paris exhibition entitled ‘Vodunaut’ and his video piece Kaleta/Kaleta will be a feature at the VIP preview evening and on THAT FILM FOCUS’ programme.

“My practice is based on my conviction that art is our first and last link with sacredness and built upon a single concept: that of contexture.

I compose my works, concretely and in a broader sense, from textures. As an element, texture ranges from fabric or pixels to text. As a notion it encompasses the material and the mental, and inscribes on a continuum the physical and the conceptual.” Says de Medeiros

Laura Windvogel: Cape Town based artist Laura Windvogel, AKA Lady Skollie, produces mildly-offensive watercolours and collaborative, contribution-based projects that explore gender roles, sex, sexuality, relationship dynamics and the tug of war between masculine and feminine energy.

Nuestros Colaboradores:
2016 THAT Sponsors and Partners PR 1
Expect further PRESS RELEASES about our fair programme, participating galleries, artists and events.

For high res images, please contact Leigh: o +27 (0) 21 4659108.

To arrange an interview with the founders and directors of ESA FERIA DE ARTE, the curators of the programmed events or the participating artists and galleries, please contact Leigh: o +27 (0) 21 4659108.