Acerca de Art South Africa

Arte Sudáfrica está en movimiento, experimental, provocativo, inteligente, Arte Sudáfrica hoy se ve a sí mismo un vehículo que celebra El futuro-presente de África. Always optimistic – even at the heart of a dark reflection – Art South Africa conjures possibility, champions dreams and tracks innovation; inspired by a world-wide transformation in communications, business models, design thinking, and art practice, Arte Sudáfrica está aquí para mostrarnos y contarnos sobre los resultados positivos de la toma de riesgos. Centrado en la cultura africana, la creatividad y las artes en general, manteniendo su mercado principal, las artes visuales, Arte Sudáfrica entiende que la vida no tiene sentido sin sueños, sabe hueca sin amor y puntos de vista pretenciosos si no profundamente sentido. Fusionar un gran corazón con una gran mente es el mayor desafío; Arte Sudáfrica ofrece esta visión

Arte Sudáfrica funciona en múltiples plataformas; impresos, digitales y online.

  • Print publication (quarterly): a space for critical reflection and debate compiled into a collectable publication; an invaluable archive on the contemporary arts in Africa.
  • Edición digital (monthly): with up-to-date news and reviews, broadening the platforms on which Arte Sudáfrica reaches it’s audience.
  • Arte Sudáfrica Newsletter (weekly): provides its audience with current and exclusive information on the contemporary art scene, keeping them connected with happenings in the creative industries.
  • an integral part of constructing a new African network, linking the different elements of Arte Sudáfrica to form a creative hub connecting people across the world. · Social Media: an integrated approach providing content that talks to the vision of Arte Sudáfrica, utilizado eficazmente para construir su red creativa.
  • Arte Sudáfrica está comprometida con el desarrollo de las industrias creativas a través de sus servicios, que incluyen video, publicación digital y publicación de libros.

Arte Sudáfrica involucra a su audiencia en un mundo que está en juego, a veces inspirador, a veces arrepentido, pero siempre conectado a su impulso clave como un experimento de libertad, un agente de cambio. Atraídos por la aparición emergente de un nuevo humanismo, una nueva idea de por qué trabajamos juntos, qué podemos aprender unos de otros, Arte Sudáfrica busca ampliar su plataforma y puntos de interfaz. Comprometidos con la idea de África como centro y matriz de un mundo cambiante, Arte Sudáfrica reconoce la gran importancia de construir conexiones. Mientras que lo digital proporciona los medios, Arte Sudáfrica se trata de construir personas, construir ideas, construir culturas recreadas a través del intercambio; sin olvidar sus orígenes como una publicación impresa innovadora.

“As far as Africa is concerned, colonialism is over. Apartheid is over too. Africans are now the free masters of their own destiny. This is why from an intellectual and political point of view, there is no turning away from the difficult work of freedom.” Achille Mbembe

Mbembe’s rousing proposition is one that Arte Sudáfrica supports, along with the caveat that, from an intellectual, political, and cultural viewpoint, this rousing proposition will make no sense without tackling “the difficult work of freedom.” Verb rather than noun, proposition and not statement, Arte Sudáfrica, today, is matter as the fodder for new-and-changing opinions.

What our supporters say:

Dominic Thorburn- Professor and Head of Department Rhodes University School of Art

“Importantly Arte Sudáfrica is the only publication that we can proudly take abroad and use to introduce and gain further exposure for art and artists of our country. As such it serves as valuable ambassadorial ‘cultural ammunition’ to showcase our artistic production and emergent creative industries.

I believe that they should be widely circulated internationally, as well as nationally and locally. Copies of the publication also become important reference documentation and contribute to a valuable and necessary archive. Where numerous other arts publications have withered and disappeared Arte Sudáfrica has miraculously survived – this in itself is testament to its worth and evidences its value within the sector.”

Janet Stanley- Librarian, Smithsonian National Museum of African Art

“Art South Africa, the premier contemporary art journal in South Africa, is the window on South African art for the rest of the world — and has been since its launching in 2002.

From where I sit in the U.S., I’m convinced that the wider art communities – museums & galleries, art schools & libraries, collectors, critics, artists – want to know what’s happening on the South African art scene. The feature essays in Arte Sudáfrica provide valuable viewpoints, and the exhibition reviews keep us current on younger, up-and-coming artists. Arte Sudáfrica offers a ready-made vehicle of cultural diplomacy.”

David Andrew – Associate Professor and Head division Visual arts, Wits School of the arts, University of Witwatersrand

"Art South Africa’s audience is diverse and reaches accross both secondary and tertiary education levels, academic and popular readerships. It is a sought after marker of contemporary visual arts and cross-disciplinary work in South Africa (and across the African continent) by international tertiary institutions, galleries, museums and cultural organisations.

If one is looking for a barometer for contemporary visual arts and cross-disciplinary work in Africa then Arte Sudáfrica provides such an instument. Furthermore, it is a publication that has managed to sustain high levels of journalistic and design excellence and has become an acknowleged source of in-depth information in it’s field.”